The Outback Aviators are a couple of pilots determined to inspire a new generation of people to take up aviation for fun or as a career. It doesn’t matter what others may have told you, or where you are in life, anything is possible. What better way to demonstrate this, then for one of the pilots who had a fear of flying, to navigate the remoteness of Australia in a light aircraft.

In Season One of Outback Aviators, Stephen and Shannon are competing in the Outback Air Race. A gruelling 2200 Nautical Mile event that begins in Brisbane on August 19 and concludes in Broome on August 31. Each of the pilots has their own reason for competing. For Stephen, this is an extreme navigation and aviation challenge. He will have to keep his heading, height and time, if he hopes to have a chance in the race while being pushed to the limit. 




Shannon is completing his ATPL exams before heading to the airlines, and this may be the last opportunity he has to experience an adventure like this. The pilots are up against a field of experienced aviators who have every intention of winning the Outback Air Race.