At Satcom Direct, the spirit of innovation is both our heritage and our future. We have worked since our inception in 1997 to solve the unsolvable and advance the technology of connectivity, making us the first in the marketplace to deliver numerous advancements and capabilities.

Our patented Global One Number (GON) simplified calling to an aircraft in-flight, and our 21st century innovations continue the revolution making smartphones ring and computers operate with the same reliability and speed in the air as on the ground, anywhere in the world.

Our next generation of services help to synchronize the aircraft with the flight department and connect the entire flight operation. Our technologies provide an integrated connectivity platform like nothing else in the industry.



Global Aviation Products (GAP) was established in 2012 to be the official distributor of Sling Light Sport Aircraft in Australia. The company is headed by Errol van Rensburg who has over 30 years experience within the Aerospace industry.

In that time Errol has held executive management positions that administrated the development of a number of world class Aviation products such as Missile Deterrant Systems (CAMPS), Air Droppable Emergency System, Auxilliary Fuel Tanks, Cargo Pods, Aircraft Seats, Stabilised Aerial Surveillance Platforms as well as major Defence Related Production contracts, such as FREMM Operator Desks for Thales and UAV Wing Structure manufacture.



The Airplane Factory (“TAF”) is a Johannesburg based light aircraft development, manufacturing and maintenance business. TAF is the developer and manufacturer of the Sling range of aircraft, currently comprising LSA, two and four seat aircraft models, incorporating various engine and system options. The aircraft, which are sold both as ready to fly aircraft and as kit aircraft for private assembly, are currently distributed in more than 20 states, including countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. In 8 years of production the business has sold more than 400 aircraft and kits.



Based in Mount Isa and Tennant Creek, Barkly Aviation Pty Ltd is a locally owned business servicing our communities across North West Queensland and the Northern Territory.   We specialise in air charter to any required destination.

Since our inception, Barkly Aviation has established a wide variety of loyal clients, we believe due to our personal, relationship-based approach to air charter.  Our strong, long term relationships, built on trust and confidence, are the keys to client satisfaction and our success.

BARKLy Aviation


The idea for Spidertracks took root in 2005, when a high-profile New Zealander crashed his helicopter and couldn’t be found for two full weeks. Why, thought a group of creative brains interested in aviation, wasn’t there a better and more affordable way to locate downed aircraft?


Not long after, the first Spider made its way into the world. It became clear that we’d tapped into something the market needed — and since that day in early 2007, Spidertracks has grown into a globally recognised brand synonymous with quality, value, and a fierce dedication to our customers. 
We have customers in over 100 countries, saved lives in the process, and established an office in the United States, all while continuing to make our products right here in New Zealand.



AvPlan EFB is not just a moving map with a little bit of flight planning added as an afterthought. AvPlan EFB was designed from the outset as a complete flight planner and moving map electronic flight bag all in one. This design logic flows through the app ensuring all information is clearly and logically laid out. The end result is an EFB which is simple to use, makes you a more confident, situationally aware pilot regardless of where or what you fly.



The premier flight training organisation catering for all aspects of your aviation ambition. Tailored for your flight training, AirQueensland provides an end to end program that delivers high calibre training. Based close to Brisbane and in an uncontrolled environment, Air Queensland can facilitate your entry into aviation as a career or for fun.



Formerly known as the Australian Ultralight Federation, Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus.) is the peak body in Australia responsible for administering ultralight, recreational and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) operations. Our Organisation is also responsible for the development and promotion of flying safety standards and for advocating on behalf of our 10,000 members. 


Recreational Aviation Australia continues to experience sustained growth, and has been successful in securing enhanced operating privileges for its members. Our not-for-profit organisation is governed by an elected board of volunteer Directors, supported by a small team of dedicated staff who are committed to helping you realise your dream of safe, accessible, fun, enjoyable aviation.


Recreational Aviation Australia